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Functions of the Speaker

The Speaker is the Head of the Parliament and shall be the Presiding Officer of any Body to which he is a Member except where otherwise provided for in the Protocol.  In this regard the Speaker shall:

1. Preside over all proceedings of Plenary, Bureau and Conference of Bureaux.

2. In his absence or where he wishes to participate in a debate, a Deputy Speaker in their order of precedence takes over.

3. Open, suspend or close the sitting of the Parliament

4. Determine the admissibility or otherwise of papers brought to the Parliament

5. Follow up on the implementation of the decisions of the Bureau and Parliament

6. Represent Parliament in relations with National Parliaments, regional parliaments, Inter-Parliamentary Institutions, International Organizations, ECOWAS Institutions and Third Parties.

7. Appoint on the recommendation of the Secretary General, locally recruited personnel in conformity with the ECOWAS Staff Regulations.

8. Be the Chief Authorizing officer of the budget of the Parliament and may designate financial management to the Secretary General in line with the Financial Regulations of the Community.

9. At the expiration of the life of the Legislature, the outgoing Speaker ceases to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Parliament in accordance with the financial regulations of the munity, he shall however continue to carry out Ceremonial Duties until election of a new Speaker.

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